Series #2 Episode #12

Series Presenter


Broacast: 1991-05-30

Contestants: Sandie Funnell, Mark McCarthy, Aileen Moran, Grant Phipps, Louise Gardiner, Dominic Gonzalez

This episode has been flagged as incomplete. This most likely means I have not seen the episode myself and so am unable to document it fully or confirm any other details are correct. Please see the missing page for more information.

Games Played

Contestant Game Zone Category Time Outcome
Mark McCarthy Laser Beams Futuristic Skill 2:00 Win
Dominic Gonzalez Aquaduct Futuristic Mental 2:00 Win
Louise Gardiner Hidden Magnets Futuristic Skill 2:00 Lose
Grant Phipps Nuclear Arrange Futuristic Physical 2:00 Lose
Dominic Gonzalez Dead Man's Chest Aztec Physical 3:00 Win
Mark McCarthy Hoopla Aztec Skill 2:00 Win
Sandie Funnell Like ot Like Colour Tiles Aztec Mystery 3:00 Win
Aileen Moran Crank and Winch Industrial Physical 2:00 Lose
Grant Phipps Crane Magnets Industrial Skill 3:00 Lose
Louise Gardiner Titanic Industrial Skill 3:00 Win
Aileen Moran Wire the Doorbell Industrial Physical 2:00 Win
Mark McCarthy Catapult Shields Medieval Skill 3:00 Win
Grant Phipps Battering-Ram Medieval Physical 3:00 Win
Dominic Gonzalez No Identical Symbol Cubes Medieval Skill 2:00 Lose
Sandie Funnell Cross to Square Medieval Mental 2:00 Lose
15 Futuristic: 4
Aztec: 3
Medieval: 4
Industrial: 4
Ocean: 0
Mental: 2
Mystery: 1
Physical: 5
Skill: 7
2:00: 9
2:30: 0
3:00: 6
Wins: 9
Losses: 6
Lockins: 0

Crystal Dome

Contestants Crystals Seconds Gold Silver Total
6 9 45 162 34 128