Nuclear Arrange

Nuclear Arrange
Cell 6 Series 2 physicalTwo MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


After being kitted out by Richard with a pouch to carry a nuclear fuel rod, the contestent enters he cell to be presented with a zipwire. He or she must cross this, collect a fuel rod (only one being released at a time) and return. Now, they must insert this rod into the receptacle. There are six rods in total, and all must be inserted in the correct pattern (a hexagon shape). When this is achieved, the crystal is released.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 2 - 4 Steve Phillips 2:00 6 Lose
Show 2 - 12 Grant Phipps 2:00 6 Lose
Show 2 - 14 Ian Burrell 2:00 6 Win
Plays...3 Wins...1
Win Percentage...33.3