Seesaw Two

Seesaw Two
Cell 26 Series 6 physicalThree MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


Similar to the seesaw game of the first series, here the contestant had to balance their own weight by unhooking floats from the ceiling. The more floats they had collected, the further along they would be able to walk. As an added complication, the plank was placed over a mine; should they walk too far, they would strike this. Three strikes and they were locked in.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 6 - 8 Albert Hsu 3:00 26 Lose
Show 6 - 11 Nathan Bray 3:00 26 Win
Show 6 - 14 Martin Short 3:00 26 Lose
Plays...3 Wins...1
Win Percentage...33.3