Egg in the Tree

Egg in the Tree
Cell 16 Series 6 skillTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


A tricky, but ultimately absurd game that required the contestant to remove a giant egg from a hollowed out tree. This was done by sticking their hands through the various holes in the tree and pushing it toward the top, being careful not to drop it, else they'd had to start over. The egg was unlocked with a key chained to the wall to release the crystal.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 6 - 1 Ese Igaebe 3:00 16 Lose
Show 6 - 4 Richard Webster 2:30 16 Win
Show 6 - 6 Peter Clayfield 2:00 16 Lose
Show 6 - 14 Ben Boggs 2:00 16 Win
Plays...4 Wins...2
Win Percentage...50.0