Series #3 Episode #14

Series Presenter


Broacast: 1992-07-17

Contestants: Catherine McHale, Steve Hewitt, Amanda Keerie, Christopher Parker, Mike Fittock, Mary Louther

This episode has been flagged as incomplete. This most likely means I have not seen the episode myself and so am unable to document it fully or confirm any other details are correct. Please see the missing page for more information.

Games Played

Contestant Game Zone Category Time Outcome
Amanda Keerie Quest Aztec Skill 3:00 Lose
Mike Fittock No Adjacent Symbols or Colours Aztec Mystery 2:00 Lose
Catherine McHale Raft Aztec Physical 3:00 Win
Mary Louther Colour Keys Industrial Mental 3:00 Win
Christopher Parker 3D Maze Industrial Physical 3:00 Win
Steve Hewitt Synonyms Industrial Mental 2:00 Lock-In
Catherine McHale Double Maze Two Industrial Mystery 2:30 Win
Mike Fittock Water Wheel Medieval Skill 2:30 Win
Christopher Parker Length Weights Medieval Mystery 2:00 Lose
Amanda Keerie Colour Wheels Medieval Mental 2:00 Lose
Mary Louther Ring My Bell Medieval Skill 2:00 Win
Christopher Parker Replace the Fuel Rods Futuristic Physical 3:00 Lose
Catherine McHale Connect the Coloured Wires Futuristic Mental 2:00 Lose
Mike Fittock Diamond Slide Futuristic Mystery 3:00 Win
Steve Hewitt Electrified Cage Futuristic Skill 2:00 Win
15 Futuristic: 4
Aztec: 3
Medieval: 4
Industrial: 4
Ocean: 0
Mental: 4
Mystery: 4
Physical: 3
Skill: 4
2:00: 7
2:30: 2
3:00: 6
Wins: 8
Losses: 6
Lockins: 1

Crystal Dome

Contestants Crystals Seconds Gold Silver Total
6 7 35 154 64 90