Colour Keys

Colour Keys
Cell 21 Series 3 mentalThree MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


A memorable game that required the contestant to select the correct key to open a number of metal chests. Each chest would display a picture and a word. These would represent a colour and a number (e.g. a picture of a belt would represent green and the word steps the number thirty-nine). This would tell the contestant which key to select from the wall. Inside the chest would be a smaller chest and so on, until eventually they found the crystal.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 3 - 3 Claire Snook 3:00 21 Win
Show 3 - 5 Catherine Cosgrove 3:00 21 Lose
Show 3 - 11 Sally Bird 3:00 21 Win
Show 3 - 14 Mary Louther 3:00 21 Win
Plays...4 Wins...3
Win Percentage...75.0