Revolving Steps

Revolving Steps
Cell 30 Series 4 physicalTwo MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


A trivial enough game that saw the contestant walk across the boiler room using a series of revolving steps. When there, they would use an allen key to undo the four screws impeding their access to the crystal. Time here was crucial. If they were too slow undoing the screws, they would not have time to cross the steps - the revolving speed of which was out of their control.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 4 - 3 Seema Gupta 2:30 30 Lose
Show 4 - 5 Sarah White 2:30 30 Win
Show 4 - 9 Ruth Smith 2:30 30 Win
Show 4 - 2 Martin Lewis 2:30 30 Win
Show 4 - 11 Julie Griffin 2:30 30 Lock-In
Plays...5 Wins...3
Win Percentage...60.0