Crystal Airlock II

Crystal Airlock II
Cell 29 Series 4 physicalThree MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


A remake of the game of the same name in series one. The object was still to travel across the room inside the crystal voyager moon buggy and release the crystal with an allen key, amking use of an airlock on both departing and returning. This time, however, as an additional obstacle, there were two sharks circling the room; three hits by a shark bought you an extended stay.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 4 - 13 Howard Barlow 3:00 29 Win
Show 4 - 4 Dave Murphy 3:00 29 Lose
Show 4 - 12 Lynn Green 3:00 29 Win
Show 4 - 10 Paula Walcott 3:00 29 Win
Show 4 - 7 Karen Catlow 3:00 29 Win
Plays...5 Wins...4
Win Percentage...80.0