Crystal Airlock

Crystal Airlock
Cell 6 Series 1 physicalTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


The contestant had to climb inside a vehicle and move accross the room to access the crystal. The key to this challenge was realising that the allen key you found upon entering the cell had to be placed inside the airlock, so that you could collect it once you had climbed inside the vehicle. Had you taken it inside with you, you would not be able to unlock the cage containing the crystal and would ahve to return. Likewise, upon completion, the crystal would be placed inside the airlock for later retrieval.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 1 - 1 Yvette Mayo 2:00 6 Win
Show 1 - 9 Fiona Thompson 2:00 6 Win
Show 1 - 10 Philip Marsh 2:00 6 Win
Show 1 - 11 John Kent 2:00 6 Lose
Plays...4 Wins...3
Win Percentage...75.0