Series #6 Episode #13

Series Presenter


Broacast: 1995-08-03

Contestants: Wayne Robinson, Lucy Crompton, Dennis Eddie, Joanne Carter, Simon Bevin, Liz Jarvis

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Games Played

Contestant Game Zone Category Time Outcome
Liz Jarvis Key Cutting Ocean Mental 2:30 Lose
Dennis Eddie Power the Generator Ocean Physical 2:00 Lose
Wayne Robinson Build the Boat Ocean Mental 2:30 Win
Simon Bevin Test of Strength Aztec Physical 2:00 Win
Lucy Crompton Crystal Stylus Aztec Mystery 2:30 Lose
Joanne Carter Rod Extensions Aztec Skill 2:00 Win
Liz Jarvis When Is a Safe Not a Safe Futuristic Mental 3:00 Lock-In
Wayne Robinson Crystal Cosmos Futuristic Mystery 2:30 Lose
Lucy Crompton Blackball Tunnel Futuristic Skill 3:00 Lose
Simon Bevin Hazard Symbols Futuristic Mental 2:30 Win
Wayne Robinson Pub Signs Medieval Mystery 2:00 Win
Dennis Eddie Barrel Maze Medieval Physical 3:00 Win
Joanne Carter Fairy Tale Medieval Mystery 3:00 Win
13 Futuristic: 4
Aztec: 3
Medieval: 3
Industrial: 0
Ocean: 3
Mental: 4
Mystery: 4
Physical: 3
Skill: 2
2:00: 4
2:30: 5
3:00: 4
Wins: 7
Losses: 5
Lockins: 1

Crystal Dome

Contestants Crystals Seconds Gold Silver Total
6 6 30 77 4 73