When Is a Safe Not a Safe

When Is a Safe Not a Safe
Cell 6 Series 6 mentalThree MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


One of those nasty 'complete the game, or you're locked in' games. This one saw the contestant enter through an automatic door and being tricked into collecting the crystal, only to see the door they entered through close, sealing them in. Their only escape, to successully open the safe door by sliding the many bolts about until the door was free to open.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 6 - 9 Tony Bown 3:00 6 Win
Show 6 - 10 Carol Hawes 3:00 6 Win
Show 6 - 12 James Woodfield 3:00 6 Lock-In
Show 6 - 13 Liz Jarvis 3:00 6 Lock-In
Plays...4 Wins...2
Win Percentage...50.0