Water Funnel

Water Funnel
Cell 10 Series 6 physicalTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


The aim here was to collect as much liquid inside a giant funnel as possible. The water flowed down one of a number of gutterings at any one time. The contestant was able to climb onto the funnel in order to move it, getting drenched in the process. When the water level reached a certain height, the crystal would be released.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 6 - 4 Paul Robinson 2:30 10 Win
Show 6 - 6 Paul Mann 2:30 10 Win
Show 6 - 9 Glen Jevon 2:30 10 Win
Show 6 - 12 Alistair McLaren 2:30 10 Win
Plays...4 Wins...4
Win Percentage...100.0