Submarine Sucking

Submarine Sucking
Cell 29 Series 6 skillTwo MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


Here the contestant had to use a hoover like contraption to suck up the sand obscuring a sign detailing the location of the crystal. After doing this, and reading the sign, the contestant used the vacuum to suck up the crystal itself. Should the contestant strike three mines during the operation, they would be locked in.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 6 - 1 Nick Baird 3:00 29 Win
Show 6 - 4 Candice Porter 3:00 29 Lose
Show 6 - 9 Glen Jevon 3:00 29 Lose
Show 6 - 12 Alistair McLaren 2:30 29 Lose
Plays...4 Wins...1
Win Percentage...25.0