Cell 8 Series 1 skillTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


An inventive game, by series one standards. The cell was divided in two by a barrier, atop of which was mounted a see-saw like construct. The objective was seldom immediately apparent, with players often climbing along the surface only to find they could not reach the shelf on which the crystal was placed. Typically, another member of the team would spy the box-like container on the end of the seesaw and the shovel lying in a pile of sand next to it, and suggest that, perhaps, a counter balance could be implemented. However, too little sand and it would prove ineffective, whilst too much sand would not allow the player to decend to such a height that they could reach the shelf. On one occassion, the player failed completely to grasp the concept of the game, but none-the-less managed to knock the crystal down with the shovel, much to Richard's bemusement.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 1 - 3 Sally-ann Ockwell 2:00 8 Win
Show 1 - 4 Glyn Talbot 2:00 8 Win
Show 1 - 7 Jeremy Taylor 2:00 8 Win
Show 1 - 5 Nicola Willis 2:00 8 Lock-In
Show 1 - 9 Alan Holloway 2:00 8 Win
Show 1 - 11 John Kent 2:00 8 Win
Show 1 - 12 Frances Webb 2:00 8 Win
Plays...7 Wins...6
Win Percentage...85.7