Wind the Capstan

Wind the Capstan
Cell 15 Series 3 physicalThree MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


Another 'put the pieces in place and start winding' game. This game, however, had to be completed or the contestant would be unable to leave. Upon entering the cell, the contestant would find the crystal sitting on a shelf, apparently unrestricted. Picking up the crystal, however, brought a portcullis crashing down in front of the door. To raise this portcullis, they would have to correctly position a number of cogs and a capstan in order to wind up the rope to which it was attached.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 3 - 2 Karen Mosely 3:00 15 Lock-In
Show 3 - 4 Andy Gallagher 3:00 15 Win
Show 3 - 5 Paul Judge 3:00 15 Lock-In
Show 3 - 7 Karen Fewtrell 3:00 15 Win
Show 3 - 8 Keith Schrod 3:00 15 Lock-In
Show 3 - 11 Nick Weston 3:00 15 Win
Plays...6 Wins...3
Win Percentage...50.0