Water Sacks

Water Sacks
Cell 12 Series 2 skillTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


The contestant had to puncture the sacks suspended at the opposite end of the room using a bow and arrow. The sacks clearly contained some kind of water filled balloons, as the sack had to be hit on the marked targets to release any water. Releasing enough water would cause the scales to tip, and the crystal would role down a guttering (not that it ever did)


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 2 - 2 Keith Rowling 2:00 12 Lose
Show 2 - 3 Stuart Evans 2:00 12 Lose
Show 2 - 13 David Carnall 2:00 12 Lose
Show 2 - 1 William Mayor 2:00 11 Lose
Plays...4 Wins...0
Win Percentage...0.0