Scaffold Robbery

Scaffold Robbery
Cell 20 Series 1 physicalTwo MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


A clever physical game that saw the contestant climb across the room by placing several pieces of scaffolding into the brackets mounted on the wall. They were only provided with three, so they would have to reuse them as they went. Although not an automatic lock-in, if the contestant stepped on the floor, the crystal would decend into its chamber and become unattainable until they had cleared the floor. Of course, once they had picked up the crystal they were free to drop down and run out.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 1 - 3 Andy Champion 2:00 20 Win
Show 1 - 4 Charlie Baker 2:00 20 Win
Show 1 - 7 Martin Murphy 2:00 20 Win
Show 1 - 5 Ian "Jogger" Jones 2:00 20 Win
Show 1 - 12 Charlotte Elmes 2:00 20 Lose
Show 1 - 2 Andy Harris 2:00 19 Win
Plays...6 Wins...5
Win Percentage...83.3