Roller Ball

Roller Ball
Cell 4 Series 5 skillThree MinutesAutomatic Lock-in


A rather silly game by series five standards. Here, the contestant would mount a 'rollerball' vehicle which they had to use to move about the room. To release the crystal they had to turn on five green lights by bashing into them with the vehicle. Hitting a red light would switch one of the greens off. As a further twist, the contestant would not be allowed to leave the cell until five greens were lit.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 5 - 9 Niki Parkinson 3:00 4 Lock-In
Show 5 - 13 Alisa Goram 3:00 4 Lock-In
Show 5 - 14 Stan Barett 3:00 4 Win
Show 5 - 4 Paul Nicklin 3:00 4 Lock-In
Plays...4 Wins...1
Win Percentage...25.0