Planet Orbits

Planet Orbits
Cell 15 Series 5 mysteryThree MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


A number of coloured arms - each terminated with a place-holder to accomodate a spherical object - orbitted a central pivot. The contestant, presented with a moveable chute, had to roll a number of coloured balls (the planets) into the correct place-holders. They had two/three of each colour to allow for mistakes, but an incorrect placement rendered the game unwinnable.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 5 - 7 Anna Collison 3:00 15 Lose
Show 5 - 9 Jacqui Wilcock 2:00 15 Lose
Show 5 - 10 Sue Adey 3:00 15 Lose
Show 5 - 11 Jo Benton 2:30 15 Lose
Plays...4 Wins...0
Win Percentage...0.0