Cell 25 Series 5 mysteryThree MinutesNot Automatic Lock-in


Using a flask, the contestant had to transport a lighted candle under water to the other side of the cell where it could be used to light the fuse on the dynamite that would blow open the chest containing the crystal. If the contestant took too long, the oxygen inside the flask would be used up and the candle would go out, meaning they would have to start again. Evidently, contestants were not asked if they has issues with regards to swimming under water before they were selected to play this particular game.


Show Contestant Time Cell Outcome
Show 5 - 2 Vaughan Lewis 3:00 25 Win
Show 5 - 5 Miles Holden 3:00 25 Lose
Show 5 - 6 Martin Campbell 3:00 25 Lose
Show 5 - 12 Kevin Hamlet 2:30 25 Lose
Show 5 - 4 Barry Watson 3:00 25 Win
Plays...5 Wins...2
Win Percentage...40.0